At Hybrid International we understand success comes from creating a solid knowledge base including two key elements: 1) Effective communication with our clients regarding their vision and individual needs; 2) Thorough analysis of the project's specifications and requirements. The project is then implemented by a well-established yet flexible development process. Our personalized service is characterized by our extensive knowledge and depth of experience of technology and our expert management and oversight. In addition, we instill the practice of comprehensive quality assurance and support throughout the life-cycle of our products, including retrofit according to emerging technologies and client needs.





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PHASE 1: Analysis, Proposal and Specification: Discussing Project Requirements, Quote, Review and Changes to Proposal, Approving Proposal and Drawing up Contract; Planning: Assigning Resources, Documenting System Features, Specification Project Plan, System Prototype, Project Team Meetings, and Assigning Tasks.


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PHASE 2: Implementation, Testing and QA: Intermediate Deliveries, Progress Reports, Test Reports, System and User Documentation, and Alpha Version.


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PHASE 3: Installation, Integration, Operation and Support: Beta Tests, System Acceptance, Installation and testing, Post-Sales Support and Maintenance, and Business Success!